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JT65-HF (http://sourceforge.net/projects/jt65-hf) is a nice program. It just don't have any feature to view the log file "live".
The only way is to manually open the adif file with a program.
Therefore I decided to make this little util. JT65HF Log View monitors Your JT65-HF adif logfile, typically named "jt65hf_log.adi", and shows the content in a window.
It automatically updates the view when a new log entry occur.
Right click on a call and a lookup on qrz.com shows up. You can also choose to look up on hamcall.net and qrzcq.com

 Latest updates (20. april 2013):

New features:

  • Log search feature
    At this moment it only searches in the JT65-HF log file.
  • QSO Edit! The latest beta version now includes an option to edit our QSO's. Just click on a call and an edit window shows up
    When a QSO has been edited or deleted a backup file is created first. Please click Setup for further details.
  • Only check for JT65 QSO's (This also includes JT65A ect. QSO's). Please click Setup to configure
    Right click lookup on the internet now include:
      - Levinecentral Locator Map
      - Last lookup choice remembered.
  • DUBLET CHECK ! ** Supports JT65-HF Adif file, Hamradio Deluxe Log & DXLab (DXKeeper) Log.
    I finally found a way to read the field TX to Call Sign in JT65-HF.
    The dublet check is able to lookup in the JT65-HF generated ADIF file as well in Hamradio Deluxe Log and DXKeeper Log.
    If a station has been work before a window is shown containing the results.
    * Please note that this version is a beta release!
    Note: Please let me know what logging software You are using. I might be able to code a lookup part for it!
  • Column sorting. The columns that can be used for sorting has a tooltip (shown when moving the mouse over the column header)
  • Convert function , (comma) to . (dot) in frequency. I have discovered that the Hamradio Deluxe Logbook don't like , in the frequency when importing an adif file.
    This option can be chosen by clicking Setup.
  • Backup function. When a new station is logged the log file can be copied to another location (USB stick etc.)
    Click Setup to configure.
  • Configuration is now kept in a XML file instead of a plain simple text format.
  • Current window position is now saved when exiting the program.
    Current position and size of the call sign lookup window is now being saved.

 To be implemented:

  • I am working on a JT65-HF adif log file editor. ** It's a quite hard job. If an entry is beeing edited and You log a new QSO meanwhile I have to take care of this. If not, Your log entry might be overwritten.
  • Log search function
  • * Add log entry directly into Hamradio Deluxe Logbook.
  • * Add log entry directly into other logbooks.
  • Any suggestions You may have :-)

* Adding data to logs function is set on hold for the moment. I have realized that it might be risky to tamper with other HAMS logs.


  • Press Browse to select the log file.
    Next time You open the program the last used logfile will automatic be opened.
  • Right click on a callsign to look it up on the internet.
  • Adif files generated by other programs can also be opened and viewed.
  • Click setup to configure options.


  • Download current stable version ( by clicking here
  • Download current beta version ( by clicking here
  •   * Note: This version requires .NET 4.0 runtime (.NET 4.0 is available for XP and up)

Found a bug? Please report it to: oz1bv@borgstrom.cc

 Mailing List: 

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