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WSJT-X (http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx.html) is a nice program. It just don't have any features to lookup information in my log.
Therefore I decided to make this little util. WSJT-X HRD log lookup and now also logging into the Hamradio Deluxe Log. I use the Hamradio Deluxe Logbook and for now this is the only log supported.
The program has got these features:

  • Look up a call to check if it is already in your log
  • Check if the call is from a not worked country
  • Check if the country has been worked on the operating band
  • Give you audio alerts if any of the above conditions are chosen active
  • Give You audio alert when Your call is decoded (Only one alert is send, until the QSO is logged)
  • Send You e-mail alerts if a new country or a new country on the active band is decoded

Note: Hamradio Deluxe version 5 & 6 are supported.

How does the program work?es the program work?

When WSJT-X has decoded the signal, it sends an UDP datastream. This stream is being used in my program. I grab all the CQ calling stations and look them up in the HRD (Hamradio Deluxe) log and also in the WSJT-X adif logfile. If the station has been worked before the band and mode is shown. If a new country shows up you will be noticed as well. An additional window will be updated with new countries. There is also an option that can audio alert you when a new country is detected.
Adding QSO's to the Hamradio Deluxe log is done using the log programs external Command Line Interface

Work in progress:

APRS alerts when new countries are detected. AGW packet engine is used as interfacing layer.

Log support: More log programs will be supported later on. When this part is ready the program will change it's name.

 Update list:

New features:

  • 10. may 2016: version 1.4.7
    Minor bug fixes
    Improved country lookup.
    The HRD Country list contains a section named "NonDXCCCountries001". The lookup in this list had a bug. Fixed.
  • 01. may 2016: version 1.4.6
    Minor bug fixes and a notice:
    If no ODBC connections exists, the program tend to crash, fixed.
    Notice added about adding QSO's directly to the HRD logbook. This feature is only supported in HRD version 6.2 and above.
  • 22. january 2016: version 1.4.5
    Minor bug fixes and improvements:
    A bug in looking up in the UniqueCalls list fixed and XML handling slightly improved.
  • 3. january 2016: version 1.4.4
    Minor bug fixes and improvements:
    The lookup in the logbook has been slightly improved.
  • 23. december 2015: version 1.4.3
    Minor bug fix:
    If the field "Name", in WSJT-X is filled out it will not be added to Your log. Fixed!
  • 23. december 2015: version 1.4.2
    Minor improvements and configuration updates:
    The program performance has improved a bit and the configuratin page has been improved with extra checks (HRD logging).
  • 22. december 2015: version 1.4.1
    Hamradio Deluxe Logbook, direct logging is now an option:
    The logging is done via HRD Logbook. This means that the program will not write anything directly to your log.
  • 20. december 2015: version 1.4.0
    E-mail alert added and configuration page improved:
    When new countries are decoded You can configure the program to send an e-mail.
  • 14. december 2015: version 1.3.5
    More info and a little optimation:
    The top bar now shows a time status when log check has been done.
    In case You notice that the log check fails please check the time.
  • 13. december 2015: version 1.3.4
    Bug fixed:
    After running a while the program tends to crash. Bug fixed.
  • 12. december 2015: version 1.3.3
    Lookup speed improved:
    The XML file containing country data will only be loaded once, on startup. This has improved the speed.
  • 30. october 2015: version 1.3.2
    Improved stability:
    If the connection to WSJT-X is lost, the program will try to reconnect. Minor bug fixes.
  • 16. october 2015: version 1.3.1
    Bugs fixed:
    Calls prefixed with ex. F/ ect. failes to resolve country correct.
  • 13. october 2015: version 1.3.0
    Some bugs fixed:
    Minor bugs found and fixed. The program stability has been improved.
  • 8. october 2015: version 1.2.9
    Some bugs fixed:
    If "audio alert on my call" is choosen, the program did stop listening to WSJT-X datastream. Fixed.
    The setting "Check if country is worked on active band" unstable. Fixed.
  • 6. october 2015: version 1.2.8
    Reduced init time:
    The initial processing of the datastream from WSJT-X has been uptimized and the startup process runs faster.
  • 6. october 2015: version 1.2.7
    Improved audio alert functionality:
    In the previous version the "Audio alert on my call" was beeing disabled on first detect of your call to avoid alerting in an active QSO and you had to enable it manually again.
    This has been changed. You will still only get one alert in an ongoing QSO but the alert will be reactivated automatic when the QSO is logged.
  • 5. october 2015: version 1.2.6
    Check for valid HRD database:
    The selected database is checked if ok on start and an extra option to test the log is added to the configuration.
  • 5. october 2015: version 1.2.5
    Better country check:
    It is now possible to get a notice if a new country, on the active band, is detected.
    The older versions only checked if the country was new for all bands.
  • 4. october 2015: version 1.2.4
    Audio alert:
    If Your call has been decoded You can choose to be audio alerted. First You must enter setup and type in Your callsign.
    This feature is nice if You call CQ and are doing something else meanwhile. Note: The checkbox is cleared first time Your call
    is heard and You have to enable it again if You wish to be alerted.

    Notification on new version release:
    You can choose to be notifyed when a new release is ready for download. Please go to the configuration and choose
  • 3. october 2015: version 1.2.3 was the first public release


  • When launching the program for the first time you will be taken to the configuration page. The options are described on this page,


  • Download current stable version (1.4.7) by clicking here

Note: Requires .NET 4.0 runtime (.NET 4.0 is available for XP and up)

Found a bug, got some ideas or wishes ? Please contact me: oz1bv@borgstrom.cc

 Mailing List: 

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