My favorite operating mode is JT65 on HF these days.
I have been very active on PSK31, 63 and 125 since 2001, but JT65 has taken over for the moment.

I am using the program JT65-HF:

The program keeps the log in an adif file and the only way to check if You remembered to add a QSO is to open the file manually and check.
I have made a small utility to monitor the log in a window. The program is watching the adif file and it updates the QSO list automatically.

The program got it's own page, click HERE

My station when operating JT65 on HF:

  • Radio: Icom IC-703. TX: 5W

  • Antenna: 12m wire antenna, end feed. Using a homemade 1:9 UNUN

I am working on a HF SDR transceiver - further details will show up here later.

Thats all for now :-)

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